Why you need a trail running specific program

Trail running is unique. It involves the whole use of your mind and body to move efficiently over constantly varied and ever changing terrain. This calls for a specific kind of training: one that reflects a dynamic environment and teaches you to be adaptable.


Jen has multiple international wins and a 12-year endurance coaching career under her belt. Having worked with over 1000 athletes, Jen's training methods have been tried and tested.


It's like having multiple trainers all in one. The program includes daily running schedules, strength, prehab and stretching routines, instructional videos, nutrition guides, and goal setting worksheets.


Be a part of a tribe that's going to support and guide you on your journey. Join an encouraging and positive atmosphere for runners to ask questions and share learnings.


  • You want to run your first 50k.
  • You are a beginner to intermediate runner.
  • You're experienced with ultras but want to improve your endurance and running form.
  • You're seeking professional guidance for a fraction of the cost of private coaching sessions (Jen charges $275/mo for baseline monthly coaching).
  • You are able to run 10km and are injury-free.


Weekly running schedules that teach you how to pace your training

5 monthly modules that go over the fundamentals of ultra running training

Weekly feedback from Jen on module discussions

Goal setting worksheets and mental strategies to help you achieve your goals

2.5+ hours worth of strength, stretch, and prehab exercise videos to supplement your training

A guide on how to prepare for race day


  • Strategies to improve speed and endurance
  • How to maintain energy and mental focus, and how to avoid getting tired over long distances
  • Smarter (not harder) daily training methodology with prehab exercises, stretch and prescribed rest days
  • How to find balance and fit training into life, as well as how to incorporate your favourite cross training activities
  • How to avoid injury
  • Race day preparation

"This training program was exceptionally better than other training plans. Key reason, [it] was more consistent, realistic, easier to schedule for my lifestyle and time commitment."

- Alycia T, Course Participant

"Jen has helped turn my impossible into a realistic goal that I know I will confidently perform at a level I had no idea was in me. She has helped bring out my truest athletic potential."

- Jenn Thiel, 2x Boston Marathon Qualifier and Finisher

"It was awesome to see the whole program so I could plan my life. It was reasonable and realistic. And the access to other runners going through the same thing was a big boost."

- Bobbi B, Course Participant

"Arguably one of the greatest endurance athletes in the world, Jen always has time to share her wisdom so that others can achieve their own goals!"

- Mike McCorgary

As featured in:

My Story

Global Endurance Coach
Owner and ACMG Guide of RUNBC Adventures
17-Year Elite Endurance Athlete Career

I have been coaching athletes of all levels around the globe for over a decade. Through a personalized approach, my athletes compete, participate and achieve top results in ultra running, mountaineering, Ironmans, triathlons, mountain bike races, road cycling, standup paddle boarding and adventure races.

Career Highlights:

Elite ultra runner since 2003

Notable wins and top placements at races on the global circuit including Atacama Xtreme 100miler Chile, Zion 100km, Whistler 50miler, La Mision 80km Patagonia, Hong Kong 100km, Badwater 135 and Sinister 7 100miler Canada.

Current record holder of various FKT coastal routes and bike/run combinations around the globe.

Top 5 podium finisher for all ultra races since 2005

Course Curriculum

Month 1

The 4 Pillars to Smart & Progressive Training

Goal Setting 101: How to Yield Results

Goal Setting Worksheet

Scheduling - Changes & Dealing with Mishaps

A Focus On Pre-Hab Mobility

Cross Training - Recommendations & How To Use It

The Importance of Rest Weeks

Using & Setting Heart Rate Zones

Understanding Exertion Scales, Zones & Efforts

Month 2

Finding Your Why

Sleep, Rest, And De-stress

Building Confidence In Your Running

Training Races

A Holistic Approach To Nutrition For Everyday Eating


Keeping A Food Log

Fueling For Endurance: Strategies For Performance Based Runs And Optimizing Recovery

Hill Running Technique

Month 3

Developing Your A-Game: 10% Physical, 90% Mental

Quality: A Revision of a Key Pillar of Success

Performance Enhancements: Concepts That Will Make The Difference

Month 4




The Dirty Dozen

Eating Intuitively

GI Issues During Running

Race Day Food Plan

Month 5

The Art of the Taper & Race Week Prep

Foot Care for Ultras

Race Day Specifics

For the cost of a gym membership, you can get started on achieving your endurance running goals.

50K Training Program
  • 20-week training schedule
  • 10 training videos by Jen
  • 15 strength, prehab, and stretch video playlists
  • Goal setting worksheet
  • Food tracking log
  • Access to private FB community


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